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My Journey and Aspirations by Shanti Yuliastiti

Hi, I’m Luh Putu Shanti Yuliastiti. I used to be a scholarship warrior, but now, by the grace of God, I’ve been awarded an LPDP scholarship. Currently, I’m busy preparing for my departure (PK). In essence, I’m being prepared to be a scholarship recipient (understanding values, responsibilities, etc.) and to be ready for my future postgraduate studies.

The Scholarship Journey

The requirements for the scholarship weren’t actually too difficult. For instance, the English language certificate (TOEFL ITP/TOEFL IBT/IELTS) was manageable with attention to detail and good literacy habits. What made this journey challenging was not during the application but building experiences, knowledge, relationships, and self-discovery before applying for the scholarship.

Before applying, I reflected on my strengths, weaknesses, and what strengths I wanted to utilize to contribute to Indonesia, especially Bali. Starting from my university years, participating in various organizations, I understood myself and honed skills that would assist in my journey.

Reflections and Conclusions from My Experience

For example, my involvement with GYC made me realize that the pivotal change had to begin with me, one of Indonesia’s youth. But more importantly, what changes could I make or actions could I take for Indonesia? I learned a lot during my undergraduate studies, particularly in education, pedagogy, classroom management, as well as during internships, private teaching, and organizational work. All my experiences and aspirations came together cohesively.

I wanted to develop education, starting from my region, understanding that literacy is the foundation of intelligence and knowledge. Inspired by GYC, I also realized the importance of raising awareness among the next generation about sustainable development goals. Therefore, my aspiration is to integrate the 17 sustainable development goals, the Balinese Hindu philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, with literacy education.


I understand that to achieve my dreams, commitment and “strength” are necessary. My initial step is to enhance my capacity by deepening my knowledge in the Master of Education program at the University of Melbourne.