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Eco Talk For Youth 2021: Young Generation Awareness for Waste Disposal

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Garbage is a part of human life that cannot be separated. All activities carried out by humans produce waste, from household activities to religious activities. With the large population of Indonesia, the problem of waste in Indonesia is also increasing. Most people solve the waste problem through methods. On this basis, the committee from the Global Youth Conference (GYC) as a pioneer in the implementation of this activity wants to invite the younger generation by targeting students, university students, and the general public to join Eco Talk For Youth 2021 as part of the series leading to the peak event. Global Youth Conference (GYC).

The series of events began with the implementation of Live IG at TPST 3R Kertalangu and TPS Monang Manning on September 30, 2021, moderated by Greg Titan, where the discussion in this Live IG emphasized how the waste management system uses the question and answer method to the resource persons. In the Live IG at TPST Kertalangu, Mr. Wawan explained in detail how the waste processing process there is where plastic waste, pampers, and waste made from oil need to be destroyed because they cannot be processed into fertilizer, while organic waste will be processed into organic fertilizer, either in liquid or solid form. β€œThe response from the residents is quite good, they appreciate and support us. The Japanese also acknowledged us, not only exporting but also conducting research on our fertilizer products,” said Mr. Wawan. The enthusiasm of the participants was also very high, where there were many questions from participants who wanted to know in-depth about waste management through Live IG comments.

The event that was no less exciting than this series of events was the Meet and Greet NGOBSANS with a very interesting speaker, namely Alumni Jegeg Bagus Bali 2019, namely Ni Putu Sri Pratiwi, S.Sos or who is familiarly called Kak Tiwi. Where carrying out casual conversations with resource persons about the environment, will not make the participants bored to listen to how to protect the environment. The discussion on waste is also emphasized in this discussion, where the thing that is a common problem, using existing waste processing methods, turns out that not many people have implemented waste processing. β€œWe cannot stay away from waste, because we are a consumptive society where in the end what we use becomes garbage. Everyone has their way of processing waste there are many methods of waste processing on the internet and they vary depending on the type of waste and the method. What we know most often is about the 3Rs, namely Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle which are the most trendy. Now back to my friends, what method is comfortable, if you can apply all three, how good would it be. But sometimes we shouldn’t be too grandiose, because we don’t just focus on waste management every day, if we force people to continue to do 3Rs constantly, it will make people a burden. We as a society use whatever method we like the most. Maybe we can apply all three, but which of the three methods do we like the most,” said Ms. Tiwi.

Arriving at the peak of the event, namely Eco Talk For Youth 2021 which will be held on October 9, 2021, through Google Meet media, where this is the long-awaited event, where this time the GYC committee also presents interesting and great resource persons, namely I Putu Sugiantara who is the General Chair of the Youth Conversation Initiative (YCI) Bali 2019/2021, then Drs. I Made Teja the Head of the Environmental Service of the Province of Bali, which on this occasion was represented, as well as a colleague who was very interested in talking about the waste problem, namely Najmuddin Muntashir ‘Abdussalam who is the PHBD Center of Gajah Mada University. Presenting great speakers at this event, of course, invites many young people who are concerned about talking about the waste problem, because here the environment is greatly influenced by how the younger generation handles it, therefore through Eco Talk For Youth 2021, which discusses how the younger generation cares about plastic waste. , invites participants as youths to take part in sorting waste starting from their respective homes.

The waste problem will never end if no one is willing to move to change. Let’s change the pattern of our lives starting from simple activities, starting to sort waste, using environmentally friendly products, starting to use tumblers as drinking containers, and reusing products that can be reused, because these small actions will have an impact if they are done and supported together, not by certain people. If we don’t start, who will?