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Water: An Element in Life That We Can’t Afford to Lose

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Water is a topic that is discussed by many people. It is undeniable, that this is because water is one of the most important things and has a very vital function in life. However, recently, the functionality of water has been disrupted due to several problems that exist on earth, either due to changes in the condition of the earth itself or due to the actions of its inhabitants.

According to data from the Indonesian Research Institute of Sciences (LIPI), it is said that in 2040, Java Island will experience water scarcity. One person only has a ratio of 476 m3. Meanwhile, the results of a survey conducted by the Directorate of Drinking Water Development, Directorate General of Human Settlements in 2006 showed that every Indonesian consumes an average of 144 liters of water (0.144 m3) per day for drinking. Furthermore, for bathing, a person needs about 65 liters a day. This does not include the use of water for other needs.

The availability of clean water that is running low can be caused by several factors. Reporting to the BBC, some of these factors include: climate, geology, pollution, abstraction, infrastructure, and poverty. From the presentation of the data above, many people or organizations and communities have started to take steps to tackle this case, one of which is GYC. GYC or Global Youth Conference is an annual conference from 2020 organized by young people to achieve the goals of the SDGs. The GYC which was held this year raised several themes, water being one of the themes it raised. In this case, one of the GYC marketing teams chose a digital campaign activity and also a webinar with the theme “Sustainable Water for Sustainable Life”. Through this activity, it is hoped that the participants who are members will have a high awareness of the importance of water in life so that they can use water more wisely. Moreover, there is great hope that participants will also be able to pass on their knowledge to others after participating in this campaign event and webinars.